Governor Edgar Endorses Harris

David Harris of Arlington Heights, the Republican candidate for State Representative from the 66th District, today announced that former Governor Jim Edgar has endorsed him.

“I am greatly honored and delighted by Governor Edgar’s endorsement,” said Harris. “The Governor does not often take positions in legislative races, so it is even more meaningful that he has publicly spoken out in my favor.”

In his endorsement comments, Governor Edgar said this: “David is a tried and true fiscal conservative. He served with distinction …. and with integrity….”

Harris added, “During the course of this campaign, I have talked about the serious financial situation which the State of Illinois is now in, and I have offered reasonable approaches on how to move positively into the future. Unfortunately my opponent has spent his time waging a negative campaign against me focused on character assassination. Governor Edgar knows from our service together in Springfield that I am the type of person who will engage in real problem-solving to get Illinois out of its fiscal quagmire.”

In his endorsement of David, Governor Edgar said the following:

“David Harris is a tried and true fiscal conservative. He served with distinction as The Commanding General of the Illinois National Guard and with integrity while a member of the House of Representatives during my Governorship.” - Jim Edgar

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