State police release new recruitment video

For Immediate Release
Contact: Illinois State Police
12 June 2014

The Illinois State Police has a new recruitment video! The video is posted to both the ISP Merit Board's website and Facebook (See links below). We are encouraging all members of the General Assembly and staff to share, post, publish, "like", this video on their webpages and/or social media sites. Please help us get the word out and share these video links.

The video is uploaded on the ISP's Department and ISP's Recruitment FB pages..!/photo.php?v=735273816523949

Merit Board Website:
(Please note we are working to resolve some Apple compatibility issues with the Merit Board's website, if using Apple use Facebook links above)
Paid for by Committee to Elect David Harris. A copy of our report is filed with and available for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, IL.