Harris recognizes life-saving action

State Representative David Harris passed House Resolution 783 in the Illinois House of Representatives recognizing Arlington Heights Deputy Fire Chief Ken Koeppen for his actions to save the life of an Arlington Heights Police Officer.

In mid-December last year, Police Officer Michael McEvoy was seriously wounded by a gunshot fired at a domestic disturbance. By good fortune, Deputy Chief Koeppen was in the area of the disturbance, and he applied immediate first aid to Officer McEvoy to help stop his bleeding while other police officers subdued the gunman.

Officer McEvoy was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Hospital personnel credited Deputy Chief Koeppen’s prompt actions with saving Officer McEvoy’s life. Representative was honored to be able to recognize Deputy Chief Koeppen for his outstanding actions.

Rep. David Harris (center) presents a copy of House Resolution 783 to Deputy Fire Chief Ken Koeppen in recognition of his lifesaving actions for a wounded Arlington Heights Police Officer. Fire Chief Glenn Ericksen (left) and firefighters were present for the presentation.
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