Patton School students encourage legislative initiative

State Representative David Harris met with Third Graders at Patton School in Arlington Heights recently to discuss House Bill 4410. HB 4410 is a legislative initiative that was prompted by contact from Claire, Maddie, and Brooke, who are students at Patton School.

The young students wanted Representative Harris to promote bills that would cut down on the operation of “puppy mills.” HB 4410 doubles the penalties for the mistreatment of animals that occur at places like puppy mills. Harris discussed this bill with the entire Third Grade class, and he talked about the process for passing a bill in the Illinois General Assembly.

The Illinois chapter of the America Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has come out in favor of HB 4410.

Representative Harris meets with Patton School students Claire, Maddie, and Brooke; Principal Eric Olson; and Librarian Idelle Melamed.
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